Greenify Your Event

Green Events & Menu Offerings

If going green at your event is a priority, we have the expertise and resources to create a high quality event while minimizing your environmental impact. Whether you want a menu of local or seasonal foods, all organic, or just want to green-up specific parts of  your menu or event, our comprehensive green checklist will allow you to select which elements  of your event you want to "greenify" while staying within your event budget.  For more information on how to go green at your event, contact

What Makes Milk & Honey Catering, LLC Caterers Green?
  • We reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by packing our delivery trucks full and routing them to make the least number of trips for each event.
  • We buy paper and other products that contain recycled content or renewable content as well as reducing the need for paper products.
  • We have been composting a significant amount of our food waste since we open in 1996.
  • We use green cleaning products in many parts of our warehouse, and are continuing to work with vendors to switch over to as many green cleaning supplies as possible while also meeting safety regulations.